COVID-19 Policy 



Update 11/06:

We've been working on updating our process of servicing local customers. We are very grateful to you all for the tremendous patience you've shown with our no-touch pick-up policy. But it's not always as smooth a process as it's meant to be. So we're making some adjustments to our store front to accommodate your holiday shopping needs. 




  • The first update is already in place. We've added a second door to our store front, what used to be what we called our "Wholesale side." The original door will be where you place your order with one of us. Once the transaction is complete, we'll ask you to queue at the new door while we get your order ready. Finally, we'll set your order on the cart for you at the new door. 


  • We are also planning on adding a two-way speaker at the door. No more having to remember to call us. Just walk up, and we'll be able to talk with you. Again, we don't have this yet, but we're hoping to have it installed within the next couple of weeks. For now, just continue to give us a call.


  • Finally, we have ordered a second, mobile register to help expedite your credit/debit card purchases. We're hoping to avoid the register bottleneck that inevitably happens around the holidays.  


Of course, you can still just call us from your car, whichever suits you. Again, we appreciate your patience and loyalty through these trying times, and we look forward to the day when these precautions are a thing of the past. 





Update 05/29:

Are you hanging in there with us? Good! We are still charging along as COVID-19 restrictions are easing. However, we've made the decision to leave our storefront closed for the time being. Some of our staff and customers are immune compromised, and we just don't feel safe taking chances yet. However! We're still here to keep you caffeinated! 

We are offering contactless pick up for our local customers.

Here's how it goes:

1) Call in your order or place your order online for pick up. We ask that all orders be pre-paid with credit or debit cards to make the transaction run smoothly. Unfortunately, we can not accept cash at this time. 

2) When your order is ready, we will call and let you know. 

3) When you arrive to pick up your coffee, give us a call to let us know you're here. (972-404-1145)

4) We'll place your order on the table just outside for you to pick up.

Easy peasy!

We miss our regulars just as much as you miss coming in every week or so, but we've got to remain prudent when it comes to everyone's health. We appreciate everyone's patience during all of this, and we hope everyone is staying safe!





Update 04/04: 

We hope you're all still staying safe during these crazy times. It has remained incredibly busy at ACR, but we've done well, so far, in keeping up with coffee demand. Starting Monday, 04/06/20, our hours of operation will change to 9:00 - 5:00 Monday through Friday, and Saturday hours will remain 10:00-2:00. Closing an hour early during the week will help our team get some much needed rest during these uncertain times. 

Please continue to call in your orders for local, hand-off pick ups, or use the website, of course. 

NOTE: Your coffee will not be ready immediately. Please allow a minimum of 24 hrs for us to get your coffee roasted and packed.

If you're a Texas resident and would like your order shipped to you instead of coming to pick it up, we are still honoring the $4.00 off shipping coupon code PublicHealth2020. We encourage you to stay at home as much as possible, and let us share the shipping burden with you. For instructions on how to enter a coupon code at checkout, please see instructions in the section below.


We thank you all for bobbing and weaving with us as events and updates develop. We will get through this together, albeit at least 6 feet apart!

Stay safe, everyone!



Call us at 972.404.1145  


Hours of operation: Mon-Fri 9-5 and Sat 10-2 



Update 03/23: 

The local judge for Dallas County has issued further restrictions as of Sunday 03/22. However, so far ACR is still able to remain open and keep the coffee flowing. For everyone's safety, we are closing our retail shop and are instituting a pre-order, no-touch pick up system.  


We ask that our customers order on our website and have the coffee shipped directly to you. For our Texas residents, we do have a discount on shipping to help ease the burden. Just enter PublicHealth2020 at checkout (instructions below) for $4.00 off shipping.  If you prefer to call in your order for shipping, that's okay too.  Check below for our hours of operation and phone number. 


If you are a local resident and would like to pick up your coffee, we ask that you order on our website for pick up, or you can call us and pre-pay over the phone. If you prefer to pick up, we will call you as soon as your coffee is ready, usually within one business day. When you come to pick up your coffee, just call us, and we'll set your coffee outside for you to retrieve.  


Don't forget, our coffee is still available at all Central Market stores! 


Due to the massive influx of orders, please note that your order will not be ready immediately. We have been able to keep up so far, and we appreciate your patience as we continue to provide the freshest coffee possible.  


We thank you for continuing to support Addison Coffee Roasters, and please stay safe! 


How to enter coupon code upon checkout: 


 **You'll need to click the "Coupon/Gift Certificate" link to open the input box. Just click "Apply," and you should be good to go!**


Call us at 972.404.1145  

Hours of operation: Mon-Fri 9-5 and Sat 10-2 



Update: 03/20:

  • Addison Coffee is open for business, but for everyone’s safety, we can no longer allow customers to enter the store.


  • We strongly encourage you to let us ship your coffee. To facilitate this, we are offering a $4.00 discount on the cost of shipping to all Texas residents. (See instructions below) Please allow 2 days for shipping.


  • Or, you can order on the website for pick-up. There is a “Pick up” option on the checkout page of the website. We are setting up our sales counter at the retail door, and will dispense all coffee from there. (Those who come without a pre-order will be asked to wait outside while we prepare the order, and we may be unable to accommodate special orders.)


  • We can no longer accept cash. All purchases will be card-only.


  • Our coffee is offered at all Central Market stores in Texas as well.


These were hard decisions for a business based on a friendly exchange of ideas over a taste of our favorite beverage. However, the safety of our customers and employees is our first priority.


We will continue monitoring the situation and may need to make further changes. Please bear with us and know that we will continue to do everything we can to ensure everyone’s safety.






We are making changes to protect our customers and employees and to help reduce the spread of the virus and we need your help.


1: We will no longer allow customers to smell the coffees in the bins.

2: Our employees will be the only ones to handle the bins.

3: We will keep coffee samples behind the counter. Ask employees if you would like a taste.

4: We are asking customers to swipe their own credit cards.

5: We request that any handshakes be replaced by elbow bumps.

6: Gloves are available for customer use. Ask an employee for help.


We are now sanitizing door handles, pens, the credit card touchpad, and other items frequently touched by customers at the beginning and end of each day, as well as sanitizing all surfaces, tools, equipment and systems.

Regarding stocking up, we do not recommend purchasing more than a 2-3 week supply of coffee to ensure freshness. If you do wish to purchase a large quantity we suggest ordering 2 business days ahead, either by phone or online, so we can make sure we have enough for you and for our other customers. Also, coffee will stay fresher if it is packaged immediately after roasting.

Lastly, to minimize everyone’s exposure we are offering a temporary $4.00 discount off shipping on any retail order within Texas. Mention the discount when you call or use discount code PublicHealth2020 on the website upon checkout.

1-where-to-put-coupon-code.png **You'll need to click the "Coupon/Gift Certificate" link to open the input box. Just click "Apply," and you should be good to go!**