Our storefront is closed for the time being. Some of our staff and customers are immune compromised, so we feel it's prudent to err on the side of caution.


However, we are open for business and ready to take your orders!



Contactless pick up for our local customers: 


Here's how it goes:

1) Place your order online for local pick up or call us with your order. We ask that all orders be paid with credit or debit cards-  We can only accept cash if there is no change needed. (Any change, it will be donated to Food 4 Farmers at the end of the year.)


2) When your order is ready, we will call and let you know. Online orders will receive an email notification when the order is ready.


3) Upon arrival, give us a call to let us know you're here (972-404-1145), or walk up to our door and ring the bell for assistance.


4) We'll place your order on the shelf just outside for you to pick up.


Our newest additions to the storefront:




  • We've added a second door to our store front. Place your order or announce you're there to pick up your online order by pressing the button to ring the bell on the left side of the door. One of our associates will come to assist you. Once the transaction is complete, we'll ask you to queue at the new door to the left while we get your order ready. Finally, we'll set your order on the cart for you at the new door. 


  • We've also added an intercom system. No more having to remember to call us. Just walk up, and we'll be able to talk with you. Press the "talk" button, and remember to hold the button as you're speaking. Of course, you can still call us from your car, whichever suits you.


  • We've added another register as well. We're hoping to avoid the register bottleneck that inevitably happens around the holidays. With this addition, we'll be able to expedite your credit/debit card purchases and get you on your way. 



 Helpful tips for the ordering process:

  • Due to the massive influx of orders, please note that your order will not be ready immediately. We have been able to keep up so far, and we appreciate your patience as we continue to provide the freshest coffee possible. We recommend allowing at least 24 hours for us to process your order. Orders over 5 lbs. may need more time.


  • We strongly encourage you to order your holiday coffee gifts EARLY. Shipping providers are already overwhelmed, so shipping times are longer than you might expect. Leave a little wiggle room this year.


  • Let us ship your coffee if you're local. To facilitate this, we are offering a $4.00 discount on the cost of shipping to all Texas residents. (See instructions below) 


  • We recommend ordering online for local pick up if you're not shipping your order. Just choose "Local Pick Up" as your preference upon check out, and we'll email your receipt when the coffee is ready.


  • Most of our coffees are also offered at every Central Market in Texas. If you'd like to try a small amount instead of buying a full pound, if it's after our business hours, if you'd like to shop a few of our coffees, this may be the option that suits you best.



Texas residents can apply the $4.00 shipping coupon by applying the discount code PublicHealth2020 at checkout:




We miss our regulars just as much as you miss coming in every week or so, but we've got to remain prudent when it comes to everyone's health. Again, we appreciate your patience and loyalty through these trying times, and we look forward to the day when these precautions are a thing of the past. 



Hours of Operation: 

Monday-Friday 9:00am - 5:00pm

Saturday 10:00am - 2:00pm



Holiday Hours: 

Christmas Eve 9:00am - 2:00pm

Christmas Day   CLOSED

New Years Eve 9:00am - 2:00pm

New Years Day   CLOSED