Bali Kintamani Natural- Green

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Bali Kintamani is by far one of our most popular natural process coffees. Naturally low in acidity, this one boasts quite the flavorful punch of blueberry. The natural or dry process allows the coffee cherry to dry on the coffee bean, and in doing so, the flavor of the cherry, in this case a blueberry note, is naturally imparted to the bean. There is no artificial flavor added to make this coffee taste this way. It is completely natural. This coffee is robust, so feel free to roast it as lightly or darkly as your heart desires. Just keep in mind, the darker you roast the coffee, the less of the blueberry you'll taste. **If you choose to pick up your green beans from our retail location, please allow 1 full business day for fulfillment.**

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Weight 16.00 Ounces
Height 6.50
Width 3.75
Depth 2.50
Sku 659
Bali Kintamani Natural- Green