ACR Holiday Gift Ideas

T’is the season for gift giving! Chances are you’re reading this because either you have an undying love and devotion to coffee, or you’re close to someone who does. With so many gift-giving occasions afoot, we thought we’d help you with your list by letting you in on some lesser known gift ideas we have available at our retail location in Addison.

Potpacks, at 1.7 oz. are the perfect stocking stuffer or Secret Santa gift. They are designed to accommodate one 10-12 cup pot of coffee, and are available in our flavored coffees, some of our traditional coffees, and even premium coffees. Yes, you read that correctly, we offer Jamaica Blue Mountain and Hawaiian Kona in these cute, convenient packages! Most of them are priced at $1.75 each, while Jamaica Blue Mountain, normally $69.95 lb., is $8.95 each, and the Hawaiian Kona, normally $44.95 lb., is $5.95 each. Such an inexpensive way to make someone feel special.

Airscape Canisters are the hottest thing in coffee storage. Brilliantly designed, they are air-tight containers brought to the next level. What makes these sleek canisters so awesome is an inner valve that acts as a plunger to force the air out of the canister itself. As many of you know, exposure to air is one of the quickest ways for your coffee beans to go stale. But even if you have an air-tight container, how effective is it when you’re on your last bit of coffee beans? The air trapped in the container negates the intended function of the container. The deceptively simple design of Airscape canisters alleviate a problem that’s probably gone unnoticed. Priced between $13.99 - $24.99, they’re an affordable solution to a problem your gift recipient likely doesn’t even know they have.

Baratza Grinders are the perfect gift for any coffee lover. The Baratza name is very highly regarded in the coffee industry for providing the same high quality of grinders to accommodate the needs of commercial customers as well as the individual home brewer. While we don’t carry the commercial grinders, we do provide the Encore and Virtuoso, touted as Baratza’s entry level grinders.

The Encore’s conical burrs are ideal for your average espresso, drip, and French press grinds. With 40 settings, most at-home brewers will be more than happy with this grinder. It is more than capable of providing the perfect everyday grind, while still allowing room to play with other grinds as their coffee making prowess grows to include other methods of brewing. Need a little latte on the weekends? Espresso grind, done. Automatic drip during the week? Drip grind, done. Mother-in-law only drinks French press? Done. Love a bit of cold brew in the summer? Yep. Got that too. You literally cannot go wrong with this grinder. At $129.95, it’s a sound investment that’s sure to quicken the heartbeat of your favorite coffee lover.   For more in-depth stats, click here.

The Virtuoso has all the versatility of the Encore and then some. This grinder is best suited for the at-home espresso maker. It handles the demands of other grinds with ease, but espresso grind is what this grinder does best. The Virtuoso allows you to really dial in the perfect espresso grind. With the addition of a timer, you can even grind the exact amount of coffee needed directly into the espresso filter basket. Such convenience! At $229.95, it’s a reputable, worthwhile investment for the espresso connoisseur in your life. For more in-depth stats, click here.

Coffee Subscriptions! What a thoughtful way to introduce someone to the joys of Addison Coffee Roasters’ coffee! This is how it works: you provide us with the name and shipping information for your gift recipient. Then you set the duration and frequency of the subscription, say 1 lb. shipped twice a month for 6 months or a year. Let us know either the exact coffee you would like sent to them or their general preferences, and they will receive ACR’s finest, freshly roasted coffee directly to their door automatically! You are welcome to pay for the subscription in one lump sum, or if it’s easier for you, we can charge your credit card for each shipment. Set it and forget it! What could be easier?