Celebrate with ACR with our Website Easter Egg Hunt!

Just a few weeks into this quarantine, and I'm sure many of you are feeling pretty antsy. So how about a little bit of online fun? From April 1 – April 12 we will be having an Easter egg hunt on our website! There will be 3 magic phrases scattered throughout the website. Each magic phrase is worth a surprise in your next online order!

How to play:

You've got to explore to discover, so check out the website! Any page can have a magic phrase on it, and they will be changing periodically to keep things interesting. You'll know a magic phrase when you see it because it will be a festive color and Easter themed. Also, it will be out of place! ((LIKE THIS)) To begin exploring, go to the site navigation in the top right of your screen. You can choose from any category to begin your hunt. Once you find a magic phrase, enter it into the Comments section of your order. Only one magic phrase per order, please, so pick one that you like... if you can find them! When you get your box or come to pick up your coffee, your prize will be waiting for you—just like magic!

The prizes can be anything, an ACR t-shirt, a bag of coffee or tea, or even a coupon for free shipping! You never know what the Easter Bunny will put in your box or bag!

Good luck, you crazy kids!

Photo credits: 

Photo by Monika Grabkowska on Unsplash

Photo by Ed Robertson on Unsplash

Photo by Rodion Kutsaev on Unsplash