Father's Day is June 16th this year, and now that you've satisfied your obligation to treat the ladies in your life, it's time to treat the best men in your life with another ACR special. This month only, we have a sale on one of our best sellers:  Texas Campfire.

Around this time of year, images of family time spent around a campfire and s'mores come to mind. Whether camping in the wild, at the lake, or in your own backyard, June is when we settle in to the "lazy days" of summer. I can think of few coffees better suited to cutting the sweetness of a handful of gooey s'mores.

Texas Campfire is made by mixing semi-washed and dry processed Indonesian coffees, then adding a touch of Vienna roast to give it that hint of smokiness— calling to mind a campfire, hence the name. Because of the heavy portion of Indonesian coffees, this blend is pleasantly low in acidity. It is also surprisingly accepted by the "I-only-drink-dark-roast" AND the "I-only-drink-light-roast" crowds alike.

Summer is too hot for coffee? Well, try it as a cold brew! If you are unfamiliar with cold brew, click here to get up to speed. This method of brewing naturally makes the coffee even lower in acidity, and you'll be able to detect more subtle nuances. Additionally, you can brew it ahead of time and take it with you to the campgrounds. Talk about no-fuss-no-muss!

All month long, Texas Campfire will be 15% off, both online and at our retail location. If you haven't tried it before, you've been missing out, but now's your chance to correct that little missed opportunity. Not only will your favorite fellas love it, mom will snag some, and we're pretty confident you'll be looking to stock your coffee cupboard as well.