It's that time again! Our stores of Guatemala Bella Carmona Especial have finally been depleted. Not to worry, we've already got another exciting addition to introduce you to. This fine June, we're showcasing our newest Limited Edition coffee, Guatemala Antigua Hunapu Bourbon (pronounced "bur-bone"). While this coffee does come from the same region as its predecessor, this 100% bourbon varietal is a totally different experience.

As is the case all around the world, volcanic soil and higher altitudes are two growing conditions in which coffee plants flourish. The Antigua region just so happens to rest in the valley of 3 sister volcanoes: Volcan de Agua, Volcan Fuego, and Volcan de Acatenango. It's not surprising that this region's coffee is highly regarded all around the world. Both the Bella Carmona Especial and the Hunapu Bourbon coffees are grown in the shadow of Volcan de Agua, also known as Hunapu (pronounced "OO-nah-poo"), or "Mountain of Flowers." Our Guatemala Antigua Hunapu Bourbon is selected from several very small family farms, prized for their 100% pure bourbon coffee.

Coffee Cherries

The term "bourbon" refers to an heirloom varietal originating in Yemen. Centuries ago, Europeans "acquired" this, as well as other varietals, and distributed them amongst colonies with the best coffee-growing conditions. Generations later, bourbon varietals can be found all over the world. These coffee plants generally produce fewer coffee cherries than other varieties, making them highly prized in the coffee industry. Bourbon varietals are known to balance sweetness and brightness uniquely, yielding a dynamic cup of coffee while retaining a soft, mellow finish.

ACR's Guatemala Antigua Hunapu Bourbon is roasted to Full City Medium and has a medium body. If you aren't typically a fan of Guatemalan coffees, make an exception for this one, and give it a shot. This coffee features lively, somewhat citrusy notes of peach and apricot, punctuated by the sweet, floral notes of honey, and finishing with delicious caramel tones that linger on the palate. If you've jumped onto the cold brew band wagon, this one could be a very interesting brew. The sweetness will only be accentuated, and the peach, oh man! The fruit tones should just about jump out of the cup using this brewing method! I don't know about you, but this is definitely happening in the near future.