We knew it was coming, but we had no idea it would be so quick! When we first announced our Limited Edition Ethiopia Gedeb, it was warm here in Texas. We had a ton of fun experimenting with cold brew using the Gedeb. And boy the word got out! Our supply of Gedeb could’ve lasted more than 6 months, but it was wildly popular, and so, sadly, we have no more. But we aren’t new to this game! We’ve already got our replacement.

Our newest Limited Edition, Ethiopia Chelelektu (Cheh-leh-lek-too), has replaced the incredibly popular Ethiopia Gedeb. Coming from the Kochere micro-region in Ethiopia, a small portion of the Yirgacheffe region, the Chelelektu, like the Gedeb, is also a natural, or dry-processed coffee.

Chelelektu is grown between 1850-2150 meters above sea level. The higher the elevation, the slower the plant growth, allowing a hardier, sweeter bean with more dynamic, fruity flavors to mature. Dried on raised beds, and tended for a longer time than wash-processed coffee, this method lends a fruitiness to the coffee that is absolutely delectable. In contrast to the grapiness of the Gedeb, Chelelektu has a soft cherry note in the beginning, followed by a sweet strawberry nuance towards the end. Not at all overpowering or syrupy in nature, it has a light to medium body, perfect for just about any method of brewing, although we would suggest brewing in a way that would allow the nuances to be showcased. Chemex, melitta, french press would be ideal, but honestly, it tastes pretty dang good even as a drip coffee. We hope you enjoy it as much as we do!