Food 4 Farmers Roundup

If you’ve ever ordered coffee from our website, you may have noticed an optional checkbox to donate a dollar for every pound of coffee you order to Food 4 Farmers. “What is this ‘Food 4 Farmers’,” you may have wondered. Food 4 Farmers is an amazing organization whose goal is to aid rural coffee farmers in Central and South America break free of economic and nutritional hardship.

We help coffee-farming families, cooperatives, and community-based organizations identify challenges, resources, and strategies to build long-term solutions to hunger. To do this, we work with Latin American coffee-growing organizations, coaching and connecting them with the expertise they need to implement the right strategies for their communities, and making sure they have the tools to monitor their progress over time.

There are currently several on-going projects in the works in Mexico, Nicaragua, Colombia, and Guatemala. The farmers and their families learn about nutritional diversification, so they can better attend to their health. There are programs to teach elementary school children how to grow vegetable and fruit gardens themselves. Additionally, F4F helps coffee-growing communities by teaching sustainable farming techniques and environmental awareness. Leaning into those techniques, the farmers also learn about income diversification, so they can better support their families throughout the year, not just during coffee season. Gaining quite a bit of momentum in this arena is the fine art of beekeeping, packing a punch by not only providing more money for the farmers’ households, but also helping to encourage environmental stability. To learn more about this organization, more specifics on their projects, or how you can help, please visit their website and have a look around.

Every year after the holidays, we collect all the donations saved from the previous year, match it dollar for dollar, and write a check to Food 4 Farmers. This year, thanks to your generous donations, we were able to give them a check for $1219.00! We’re hoping this time next year to donate at least twice that, but we need your help to do that. If you visit our store front, toss a dollar or two in the collection box. If you’re ordering from the website, check that “Yes” box! Even if you just want to write a check, we’ll match it. These farmers work tirelessly to provide you with your daily cup of Joe, help us repay them through Food 4 Farmers.