Here's a Brand New Ethiopia LTD for you: Ethiopia Banko Gotiti

No longer available

Well, we've run out of our very popular Ethiopia Gelana LTD. Not to worry, we've already got another dry processed limited Ethiopian gem ready to take stage. This month, we're excited to introduce Ethiopia Banko Gotiti LTD.

This coffee actually comes from the world-renown Yirgacheffe region. Generally held as the original birthplace of coffee, there is quite the varietal diversity from this area of the world in particular. So, don't think you know this animal. This one's entirely different than our Ethiopia Yirgacheffe mainstay. 

Grown between 1600-2300 meters above sea level, this coffee is sourced from a cooperative of 300 members. Fully dried on raised beds, we've roasted this coffee to a Full-City medium to preserve all those beautifully delicate notes. Crisp, bright pineapple, toasted rice, and a surprising oolong tea note leave an unusually clean finish for most dry processed coffees. This is definitely a bright and provocative cup, so make sure to stock up.  

Not only that, but its Fair Trade Certified as well!