On the western side of the isthmus connecting North America and South America, seated amongst other coffee growing powerhouse countries like Costa Rica, Guatemala, and Nicaragua, sits the small country of El Salvador. Roughly the size of Vermont, El Salvador is steeped in Mayan and Spanish colonial history. It wasn't until the mid 19th century that coffee became the predominant export crop, and it still is today. This month, we have added one of those exciting specimens to our Limited Edition Series. From our favorite estate in El Salvador, Santa Emilia Estate, we offer:

El Salvador Santa Emilia Honey Process LTD

Map of Central America

El Salvador Santa Emilia Estate is a single source coffee farm that has been in the Homberger family for 3 generations. They very proudly tout their Rainforest Alliance Certification, and rightly so. Socially as well as environmentally focused, the Hombergers pay their workers a higher wage than most other farms. By utilizing sustainable farming solutions, such as using “Noble Herbs” in an effort to amend the soil so that it is less hospitable to weeds, they are able to provide non-toxic working conditions, making the workers, and the coffee drinkers, much happier campers.

Grown in the Cerro El Tigre/Santiago de Maria region at 1025-1320 meters, this heirloom varietal is a honey process coffee. Honey process is a semi-washed process that takes a lot of care and attention, so it's somewhat rare to come across one of these offerings. To read more about honey process, click here and scroll towards the bottom. Processing coffee cherries/beans this way tends to bring out honey-like qualities in the cup. Floral notes and syrupy body are a unique feature of coffees processed this way.

The folks at Santa Emilia Estate only produce a small amount of honey process coffee, and we were lucky enough to snag some. Ever environmentally conscientious, the Homberger family has found a way to use less water than is traditionally required for this process, producing a soft, sweet, and complex flavor. With its velvety texture providing the backdrop to notes of caramel and hazelnut, you'll notice the distinctive "honey" influence in the finish. As with all Limited Edition Series coffees, there is no way to tell how long we will have them in stock. Don't wait too long to try this truly delectable coffee.