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Out with the old, and in with the new! While we loved the Ethiopia Konga, reserves have finally dwindled. It's time for some new blood. We've got a delectable offering ready to take the stage: Ethiopia Gelana Abaya Natural LTD.

Two of our mainstays, Ethiopia Harrar and Midnight Kiss Natural French both come from the same region as this limited edition. The Oromia Region of southern Ethiopia rests at the foothills of the Mandebo Mountains. Several small family-owned farms located in Gelana and Abaya woredas (districts) contributed to this harvest. These beans are fermented for 36 to 48 hours before washing and spreading out on raised drying beds. The beans are rotated every 2-3 hours to ensure even drying during the course of 10-12 days. By then they will have shrunk by 11.5%! Once this is complete, the beans are bagged and ready for export.

With notes of cherry, berries, and melons, this coffee is a lively one!

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Did you know that Ethiopia is reportedly the birthplace of coffee? (Yemen gets credit for commercializing it on the world stage.) As one might imagine, coffee features prominently in social interactions there. The Buna (coffee) ceremony is a long-held tradition. Optional spices like cardamom, clove, sugar, or even salt may added to your cup. Often, popcorn is served alongside the coffee.

"(The) coffee ceremony and community gathering are a crucial part of Ethiopian culture. It is at the heart of communal life. Unlike many other countries, coffee has been a tradition to share ideas and feelings. During the coffee ceremony, people talk, discuss, share information and enjoy quality time with their families, friends and neighbors. Coffee plays a key role in building and cementing relationships among friends and families. For the people of Ethiopia, coffee drinking goes beyond enjoying the flavor; it connects people to people." - EtBuna

Check out this video of an Ethiopian Coffee Ceremony from Saveur Magazine:

Coffee ceremony pic source: https://etbuna.com/ethiopian-coffee/ethiopian-coffee-ceremony/