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Introducing Ethiopia Guji Shakiso Gatame LTD

Our newest addition to the Limited Edition series is from the southern hills of Ethiopia. We knew we had to try this one when we read what our coffee broker had to say about this "Crown Jewel" :

The Scene:

"The sheer natural immensity of the canopy, the heavy quiet of the forest floor, the treetop civilizations of colobus monkeys and thick-billed ravens chatting about overhead-- (...) It’s hard to convey the sense of sublime remoteness unique to the forests of Guji."

The Community:

"Processing, drying, storage, transport, milling, marketing and exporting are immense undertakings requiring vast resources and scale, so having a local partner to provide this chain of services is a godsend for remote farmers with quality potential."

The Coffee:

"(...)Evolving cup profiles from this area have converted sworn Yirgacheffe lovers by combining the seductive aromatics of Gedeo zone with candy-like cup structures, tangy lactic acidity, and, in the case of the best sun-dried coffees, mouthwatering tropical fruit. This particular lot from the Gatame Muka farmers shows a range of syrupy textures and fruit flavors."

Well, how could we resist such an enticing story? 

  • Grown at 1600-1900 masl, this indigenous heirloom is a natural processed coffee, dried on raised beds. 
  • It's organically grown and sourced from just three farmers who own a total of 31 hectares between them. 
  • We tasted graham cracker notes, tea-like tannins, and a limited acidity, making this one of our most dynamic offerings. 

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Did you know that Ethiopia is reportedly the birthplace of coffee? (Yemen gets credit for commercializing it on the world stage.) As one might imagine, coffee features prominently in social interactions there. The Buna (coffee) ceremony is a long-held tradition. Optional spices like cardamom, clove, sugar, or even salt may added to your cup. Often, popcorn is served alongside the coffee.

"(The) coffee ceremony and community gathering are a crucial part of Ethiopian culture. It is at the heart of communal life. Unlike many other countries, coffee has been a tradition to share ideas and feelings. During the coffee ceremony, people talk, discuss, share information and enjoy quality time with their families, friends and neighbors. Coffee plays a key role in building and cementing relationships among friends and families. For the people of Ethiopia, coffee drinking goes beyond enjoying the flavor; it connects people to people." - EtBuna

Check out this video of an Ethiopian Coffee Ceremony from Saveur Magazine:

Coffee ceremony pic source: https://etbuna.com/ethiopian-coffee/ethiopian-coffee-ceremony/

Other Photo Credits: Photo by Taylor Wilcox on Unsplash