As the birthplace of coffee, Ethiopia has a strong history of enticing coffee to live up to. Consumers have grown to expect a certain punch from coffee out of Ethiopia. If it's washed processed, it should have a lively, clean taste. If it's dry (natural) processed, its dynamic nuances should linger on the palate. We have a new offering out of the Yirgacheffe region. This month, we are featuring Ethiopia Konga Natural LTD.

More than 800 coffee farmers living in Konga village, near the world-famous Yirgacheffe District, delivered the best of their coffee crop to the Konga Coffee Station to be sorted and processed. The ripest cherries are selected and placed onto traditional raised drying beds. There they stay for 15-20 days, vigilantly turned and rotated every day or so to ensure proper air flow and even drying. This is what is called dry (natural) process. For more information on how this process works and how it affects the taste of your coffee, click here

Indigenous heirloom cultivars grown between 1800 and 2000 meters above sea level, this delightful coffee has intriguing notes of bright lemon curd and tart raspberries, but with a soft, rounded cocoa and caramel finish. Change up your coffee routine! This one will definitely put some "wow" into your morning commute. So delicious!