Introducing Guatemala Bella Carmona Bourbon LTD

The Antigua region of Guatemala is one of the most celebrated coffee regions in the whole world, due in large part to the area's active volcanos. A combination of that rich volcanic soil, high elevation, and cooler weather provides ideal conditions for the finicky coffee plant. We are fortunate to have sourced this offering from one of the most prominent coffee families in the region. The Zelayas, of Bella Carmona, bring us this delightful treat.

 Picture of Luis Zelaya 
                                  Luis Zelaya, himself!

We've been great fans of this farm's coffee for a while. Their experience has consistently yielded interesting and lively coffees, so we're happy to have this connection. Having been in the coffee industry for generations, the Zelayas have focused on utilizing agricultural techniques to continually improve the health of the soil with sound and tested environmental practices. Happy to share their experience, they help smaller farms in the surrounding area to improve the quality of their soil as well. Come harvest time, many farms, including that of the Zelayas, bring their treasured Bourbon (pronounced bur-bone) coffee cherries to the family's coffee mill for processing.

Grown between 1500 and 1800 meters above sea level, this Guatemala Bourbon LTD is exceptional. Typically, these varietals produce a sweet cup with a gentle brightness and a balanced, smooth mouth feel. This offering is exemplary-- dense and complex with notes of barley, honey, and brown spices. Its an heirloom variety with roots in Yemen.

Carafe of cold brew coffee

Try it as a cold brew! The lack of heated water in this process, combined with a longer brew time, allows the personality of this coffee to open up slowly. In doing so, many more subtle nuances take a more prominent place on the palate. You'll be surprised how much this slower, gentler process alters the results!

Photo Credits:  Photo by Jeison Higuita on Unsplash Photo by romboide on Unsplash