You may not know this, but Guatemala hasn't always been the coffee powerhouse it is these days. In the early 1800s, the country's main export was indigo dye. It wasn't until the mid to late 1800s that coffee became the number one export. This month, we're excited to add this brand, spankin' new coffee to our Limited Edition Series, Guatemala Copan Flor del Rosario LTD.

Drying washed beans on the patio

Nestled in the ancient mountains where the mighty Mayan civilization once flourished, Don Horst Spritzke's coffee farm, Flor del Rosario la Cascada, has been producing coffee for two decades. Featuring a multistory waterfall, or cascada, this densely forested farm is located in the northern portion of the Alta Verapaz department. Don Spritzke taught himself all about growing coffee, utilizing the same attention to detail and methodical approach that served him well as a former German engineer. In those two decades, he has been able to produce a surprisingly consistent and lively coffee.

Guatemala Copan Flor del Rosario LTD is a wash processed coffee, grown between 1300 and 1600 meters above sea level. This produces a well-balanced cup of coffee with a clean, crisp finish. Notes of carob and hazelnut punctuate this dynamic coffee with floral and grapefruit accents. We recommend a drip brew or chemex, however, we anticipate for this coffee as a cold brew as well! We were so impressed with this one that we've secured several bags. Be sure to try it before there's none left!