If you've been following us for a while, you may know that every few months or so, we source new and exciting coffees to add to our Limited Edition series. This month, we have two brand spankin' new Limited Edition coffees to offer—Sumatra Ika Atu Lintang and Brazil Moscardini Natural/CF.

From the northern province of Aceh, Sumatra Ika Atu Lintang is sourced from the Jagong Mill, run by the Junus family. This mill gathers coffee from the many surrounding small, family-owned farms. The Junus family is meticulous in choosing the ripest cherries to produce a perfectly balanced cup of coffee. They surely didn't miss a step with this one. 

Deep notes of cedar and spices and an unusual grapefruit note play on a backdrop of typical Sumatran earthiness. Most other roasters choose to offer their Sumatra coffee as a dark roast. We, however, roast this coffee to full-city medium to preserve all the lovely nuances, allowing for a much more dynamic sipping experience.

From the Moscardini family in the Alta Mogiana, São Paulo region, Brazil Moscardini Natural/CF is hitting the shelves. The Moscardini family is a renowned and respected outfit, bringing their balance of tradition and innovation to the coffee growing business for four generations now. 

This offering in particular is unique because of that enigmatic "CF" at the end of the title. This refers to "controlled fermentation." (Get up to speed on how coffee processes affect the taste of your coffee here.) Apart from the basic processes (washed, honey, and natural), this controlled fermentation is different in that the coffee cherries are swept into large piles on the drying patio to begin the fermentation process. Overnight, they are covered to retain moisture. For the next 7 days, the pile is incrementally spread out to encourage a slow, even fermentation. This entire process is methodically tracked to ensure the right amount of humidity, temperature, and rate of fermentation is achieved.

The result is a knockout cup with sweet cherry, citrus, and herbal notes. The body and finish are typical Brazilian, round and sweet.