Are you looking for something new, something exclusive to brighten up your day? Well, we've got a new program to bring you the very latest in ACR exclusive coffees. Have you ever had the pleasure of a chef preparing something for you off the menu, or been invited to catch a glimpse of an artist's work before it was released? This is our Roaster's Choice program. Let Vincent's roasting expertise wow you with truly limited blends and roasts you'll find nowhere else.

Many of you have probably met Vincent at some point in his 13 years with the ACR. It was 3 years ago that he became the head of our roasting team. Cranking out thousands of pounds of meticulously roasted coffee each month is just part of everyday operations for him. While our beloved roasters, Patty and Clifford, are perfect for roasts of about 40 lbs or so, they don't do so well with test batches. But now, we have a bright, shining ray of sunshine on that dilemma: the Ikawa roaster

Light and compact, this little doozy is the cutting edge of roasting technology, allowing for maximum control and adjustability on sample roasts. With as little as 4 oz of green coffee beans, Vincent can quickly determine what roast level works best for each our single origin coffees. This saves tons of time and coffee! And with the Ikawa's Pro App, he is able to more accurately track and control the events of the roast for future adjustments or replication on our larger roasters. (If you really want to geek out on this little guy, watch the brief video below from The Real Sprometheus.)

Each month, Vincent will be experimenting with new roasts and blends, and he'll pick the most promising and interesting of those tests for this program. These offerings will be truly limited. We will roast 20 lbs each week, but once it's gone, it's gone. You'll be able to order a fresh pound the next week.

Click here to see what Vincent has in store for us this month!