This month, we have a brand new Yemen LTD to share with you. It's from the same coffee mill and exporter, woman-owned Pearl of Tehama. (To learn more about this exporter and Yemen's role in the coffee industry, click here.) Our newest delivery from Pearl of Tehama is called Yemen Mocca Hawari, however, this one tastes a bit different than our previous Yemen Mocca Haimi.

Yemen Mocca Hawari comes from the region of Ibb, in the southwestern corner of the country. It's grown at 1900-2500 meters above sea level, so plenty of engaging notes are present to pick through as you sip. Once the coffee cherries are collected from neighboring farms, they are dried on rooftops. Like our previous Yemen offering, this one's still a dry process coffee, naturally imparting unique coffee cherry notes to the coffee beans. But Yemen Mocca Hawari is explosive in showcasing its notes of blueberry, black cherry, fig and date. This coffee is exemplary of the unique, dynamic nuances for which Yemeni coffee is renowned, and we're very excited to be able to offer it.

If you're looking to shake up your coffee routine a bit, give this one a try. You'll be drinking a little piece of history, and supporting a woman-owned coffee mill and exporter that is making some big changes for the coffee industry in Yemen.