If you’re a fan of African coffees, chances are you’ve at least heard of Kenyan coffees. And if you’re a fan of ACR, it’s pretty well a sure bet that you’ve heard of our Kenya Peaberry. Many of our clients are big fans of this exceptional coffee, and never is that more obvious than when we run out! Well, ladies and gentlemen, it is officially back. But what makes Kenya Peaberry so awesome? Let’s explore….

Regular coffee beans grow much like a peanut, that is, two halves grown together inside the coffee fruit. Every now and again, about 5% of the time, you’ll have only one “half” that develops. Its shape is generally a little bit smaller than the normal bean, and it looks a bit like a tiny fist as opposed to flat on one side and rounded on the other. This natural anomaly is a peaberry bean.

There is always a peaberry bean or two in coffee, but the peaberry coffee is only peaberry beans. They’ve been hand-sorted to ensure the quality of the cup is the most consistent it can be. Some say it yields a sweeter, more flavorful cup of coffee. There may be some truth to this, since the bean develops by itself, it is the sole inheritor of all the nutrients, so perhaps the flavor is concentrated by default. There’ve been many a hot debate as to whether peaberries yield a different taste than the regular beans. The decision is still out. There are people who swear it makes a better cup of coffee, while others swear there isn’t enough of a consistent difference to warrant such generalizations. However, its light body, vivid complexity, its dynamic interaction with the palate, its clean finish, all are accurate descriptions of our Kenya Peaberry. Whichever camp you side with, there is no question about Kenya Peaberry’s popularity amongst our clients.