Let the Chocolate Extravaganza Begin!

What a better time than February to celebrate the power-pairing of chocolate and coffee? So this month we're featuring some of our most popular chocolate coffees to help you soothe your inner chocophile.

Chocolate and Coffee Seeds on Table- NordWood Themes, Sourced from Unsplash.com

First up, we have a classic pairing, Chocolate Raspberry. Sweet raspberry flavor excites the palate, while luscious chocolate ganache flavor smooths out the finish. Delicioso!

Next, Mexican Chocolate. This coffee is, hands down, our most popular flavored coffee to date. Inspired by authentic Mexican hot chocolate, it has hints of cinnamon, adding an intriguing dimension to its chocolatey goodness.

How about Chocolate Hazelnut? This coffee just so happens to taste quite a bit like a certain chocolate/hazelnut spread that has people eating it right out of the jar like heathens. Now, you can get your fix from a civilized coffee mug. *We don't recommend eating the coffee grounds straight out of the bag, no matter how much you may feel compelled to do so.

You could always go with Chocolate Macadamia Nut, adding a tropical flair to those cold winter morning commutes. Whoever first decided to pair chocolate and macadamia nuts deserves a serious high-five. *Again, please don't eat the grounds.

Finally, we have Dark Chocolate Truffle. Just as the name suggests, this coffee tastes like a luxurious truffle that's been dusted in cocoa powder. Easily the chocolatiest of all, this coffee is sure to please any die-hard chocolate lover.

Each of these flavored coffees can be made as decaf too!

But what if the chocophile in your life isn’t interested in flavored coffees? No problem, we've got you covered with a few traditional coffees. To be clear, the offerings below have had no flavors added to them. They innately have chocolate notes.

Dark Chocolate Smoothie by Monika Grabkowska, Sourced from Unsplash.com"

Fair Trade Organic Bolivia is a beautifully sweet, soft coffee featuring dark chocolate undertones. A medium roast, this coffee is medium to full-bodied. A long-standing house favorite!

Next, we have our Myanmar Green Land Estate LTD coffee. This coffee has won several cupping contests, and we were lucky enough to snag some for our Limited Edition Series. You don't have to have a sophisticated palate with this one. There is absolutely no denying the milk chocolate flavor of this coffee—again, completely natural to this bean. Roasted to full-city medium, medium-bodied, this coffee is a crowd pleaser!

Finally, we have Brazil Espresso. Featuring dark chocolate undertones, this coffee, has a depth of flavor that resonates a little deeper than Bolivia or Myanmar. This is because of the espresso roast. For us, this is a click or two past full-city medium, not roasted beyond recognition, like some folks. This roast level brings depth without overpowering the natural chocolate notes with smokiness. Don't let the name fool you. This coffee is amazing as a french press, cold brew, Chemex, espresso, drip coffee, brew it through a sock and it'll still be one of the best cups of coffee you've tasted.

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