New Limited Edition Arrivals

We, at ACR, love the discovery of new, interesting coffees. Our Limited Edition series is where this passion is most readily apparent. As always, we try to keep things moving and shaking, so this month we’re showcasing two very compelling coffees: Guatemala Antigua Bella Carmona Especial and El Salvador Santa Emilia Estate.

Guatemala Antigua Bella Carmona Especial (we just call it “the new Guatemala Limited”) comes from a single-source, fourth generation farm in Guatemala’s Antigua Valley. Luis Pedro Zelaya, the owner of Hacienda Carmona, incorporates new techniques with over 100 years of family know-how and tradition.

This is Luis Zelaya, himself!

One innovation he’s brought to the farm is a solar dryer with multiple drying beds and sensors that help maintain an even temperature, ensuring the coffee beans are dried precisely and evenly. This helps produce a more consistent yield, and eventually, and a consistently delicious cup of coffee.

Grown at 1500-1650 meters, this fully washed coffee is of Bourbon (pronounced bur-bone) and Caturra varietals. Typically, these varietals produce a sweet cup with a gentle brightness and a balanced, smooth texture, and this coffee is no exception. You’ll be enchanted by lingering notes of molasses and buttercream. As one of the region’s most celebrated coffees, it’s really quite a treat to sip on this one.

El Salvador Santa Emilia Estate is also a single source coffee that has been in the Homberger family for 3 generations. They very proudly tout their Rainforest Alliance Certification, and rightly so.

Learn more about Rainforest Alliance Certification here.

Socially as well as environmentally focused, the Hombergers pay their workers a higher wage than most other farms. By utilizing sustainable farming solutions, such as using “Noble Herbs” in an effort to amend the soil so that it is less hospitable to weeds, they are able to provide non-toxic working conditions, making the workers, and the coffee drinkers, much happier campers.

Grown in the Cerro El Tigre/Santiago de Maria region at 1025-1320 meters, this heirloom Bourbon and Tequisic Bourbon blend is fully washed and sun-dried. The first bourbon is an heirloom varietal planted in El Salvador 80 years ago, and Tequisic Bourbon, is a native of El Salvador. Only the ripest fruit, almost purple in color, known as “Sangre del Toro,” is hand-picked and processed to produce a highly prized cup of coffee. This coffee is 100% Bourbon, and is truly unique and engaging.

But what does it taste like? Well, the first to hit you is the bright citrus note in the aroma. When you take your first sip, you taste bright orange peel. As you allow the medium body to roll around the tongue, you get a bit of toasted sugar cane. As you swallow, the orange peel notes come back around and linger for a moment or two, beckoning a second sip.

These newest Limited Edition coffees are really intriguing! We’re so sure you’ll love them that we are in the process of stocking our warehouse with as much of them as we can. They will soon be added to our website as well, for your shopping convenience. If you’re the kind of person who sticks with just one coffee, or even just one region, these two are more than enough reason to step outside of the box to try.