Alas, dear readers, our delicious Ethiopia Chelelektu Limited Edition has run its course. Fret not, we've tested some new dry process prospects for a suitable replacement and have emerged with a fine specimen that we hope you'll enjoy as much as we do. This month, we're happy to introduce you to our newest Ethiopia Limited Edition coffee, Ethiopia Banko Fuafuate!

Coffee cherries drying on raised drying beds

This beautifully balanced dry process coffee is comes from a small group of family-owned farms near the Banko Fuafuate washing station in the Yirgacheffe district. Once there, the coffee is dried whole, with the cherry fully intact on traditional raised beds. The coffee cherries are carefully monitored, frequently turned, and sorted to ensure even drying. Once dry, the fruit is cleaned from the bean, dried again for a shorter duration, and finally, it's bagged for export.

From halfway across the world to your morning cup, this coffee is a bit brighter than most of the other dried process coffees we've carried. This offering features a peach cobbler aroma with a bright pop of melon. Hints of dried apricot sweetness round out with a balanced clean finish. It is quite a contrast to the other Ethiopian dry processed coffees we've featured in the past. Harmoniously balanced, this unique coffee is likely to impress washed processed coffee fans and dry processed coffee fans in equal measure.

Hold onto your socks-- This month we have another honey processed coffee for you, but this time it comes from Zambia!

Compared to its neighbors, Zambia is relatively new to the coffee production industry. But a honey processed coffee from Zambia makes it even more special. To read more about honey processed coffee, click here. Situated at the base of the Muchinga Mountains, Kasama Estate is actually a blend of two neighboring estates' coffees in Kasama town. (Most of the country's coffee production comes from plantations and estates.) Utz and Rain Forest Alliance certified, these estates seem to have taken no half measures in building their business very conscientiously.

Surprised to have come across an African honey process, we knew we had to try it. The experience did not disappoint. This smooth, full-bodied coffee is much brighter than any other honey processed coffee we've offered. Upon first sip, you'll be drawn in by the smoothness, giving way to a bright pop of citrus, not unlike a crisp black tea lemonade, and finally, your palate is schmoozed by the velvet finish of molasses. It's been quite a surprising, yet welcome contrast to our current selection. You can find this coffee exclusively at ACR or here on our website. If you're planning on being in the Addison area and would like to try this coffee, please give us a call first to confirm that we have some on the shelf. Of course, even if we are sold out of it, you are welcome to stop by and see us. We'll make sure you leave with something tasty.