Trees budding, flowers blossoming, creatures in full creaturing mode—It's SPRINGTIME, ladies and gentlemen! I don't know about you, but the weather has absolutely no bearing on my coffee consumption. I feel safe in assuming that none of you pack up your coffee mugs with your winter socks either. And I do enjoy a good multi-tasker. So, I've taken the liberty of collecting a few enticing recipes to help you get those creative coffee juices flowing.

We'll begin with the Affogato, meaning"drowned" in Italian. This delectable treat is 100% indulgence that is pretty hard to beat. Traditionally, an affogato consists of one scoop of vanilla gelato that is topped with one shot of espresso. That's it. It's simple, elegant; a perfect pairing. Top with chocolate shavings and you'll surely get a few gasps from your guests. But, really, why stop there? Why not butter pecan ice cream instead? There's nothing saying you couldn't spice it up a bit, too. Try adding a touch of whiskey. Technically, you can use any coffee to make an espresso shot, as long as it's ground properly. I would recommend our Brazil Espresso for this one, or even Premium Espresso, but there's nothing saying you couldn't use our Hazelnut Cream as espresso shots!

Now that dessert is out of the way (heh), let's talk rubs for a moment. If you've never introduced coffee and beef in your kitchen, you are missing out! Much like a bold red wine pairs beautifully with a steak, so, too, does coffee. You don't have to stick with beef, though. Our very own Diane, co-roaster, had much success recently with a coffee rubbed pork shoulder as well. So yummy! Get creative, perhaps smoke some pork belly that's been rubbed with an espresso grind/peppercorn/brown sugar mixture. Ohhhhhh, my! I would recommend any darker roast for any of the aforementioned applications as a good go-to, however, with white meats, you may be able to get away with some subtler flavors, like Costa Rica, with its caramel nuttiness, or Kenya, with its tomatoey liveliness. HERE'S a recipe for coffee rub Texas brisket that has been wildly successful in my family.

This next recipe is a sure thing. I don't know who first paired coffee and chocolate, but honestly, they should get leg lamp or something. ("It's a major award!") Are you ready? Salted. Caramel. Espresso bean. Bark. I can't imagine why the thought of that wouldn't make one's mouth water. Find the recipe HERE.

This final recipe is another no-bake delight. These Coffee Energy Bites, by Brittany at BlissfulBritt, are such a morning treat! Primarily oatmeal, honey, almond butter, and chocolate, these little bites are perfection for busy mornings or afternoon pick-me-ups. Again, I would suggest just about any dark roast that we have for this recipe, but you can absolutely shake it up with some Sinful Nut Delight or even Cinnamon Nut Cookie. Check out Brittany's recipe HERE.

Use it as a garden nutrient booster, face scrub, painting medium, slug repellant, or odor absorber. Coffee is much, much more versatile than most people know. Get creative! We'd love to hear about what you've whipped up. Give us a shout at with "Multitasker" in the subject line. Who knows, maybe in a few months we'll have enough delightful coffee submissions to showcase your adventures!