Aside from introducing you to our new Limited Editions, we feel it would be tragic to let some of the stories behind some of our mainstay coffees to go unheard. Of course, everyone loves a good story! So this month, Addison Coffee Roasters' featured coffee is SPIRIT MOUNTAIN from the Dominican Republic.

WARNING: If you're prone to tearing up at feel-good stories, go get some tissues now.

Spirit Mountain has been an in-house favorite for years. Its smooth, medium body with rich, cocoa notes is not unlike the world-renowned Jamaica Blue Mountain. However, with a price tag of just $15.95 lb compared to Jamaica Blue's $69.95 lb, it's definitely the bargain of the two. While your wallet will be relieved, your taste buds won't be sad about it either. Not even a little bit! Grown between 1070 and 1300 meters elevation, Spirit Mountain has a mild acidity. Its intoxicating cocoa notes and roundness is much more prominent. Give it a shot and see if it's not one of the smoothest coffees you've tasted recently. ACR is proud to deal directly with Chad and Krista Wallace (ahem, fellow Texans), the co-owners and visionaries of Spirit Mountain as well as Doulos Discovery School.

In 2003, the Wallaces purchased a coffee plantation nestled in the Cordillera Central mountains. Hurricane George, in 1998, had ravaged the whole country, and the plantation sat, abandoned for five years. The Wallaces immediately set to restoring and rebuilding, not only the access points and plantation's buildings, but the surrounding countryside. We aren't talking about just planting some trees here and there. The Wallaces had a much more intentionally holistic path in mind. They focused on rejuvenating the entire canopy by creating a rich and diverse habitat, not just for the benefit of the coffee plants, directly, but keeping the entire ecosystem in mind. 50,000 + trees were planted! Next they set to focusing on the quality of their coffee beans. With a full staff, they've worked tirelessly to bring the plantation up to standard to become certified organic, and to align the plantation with UTZ mission.

Meanwhile, at the foot of the mountain, Krista and Chad started an entire school. Yes, from pre-K to college preparation in Jarabacoa, just at the foot of the mountain. The Wallaces started Doulos Discovery School . Spirit Mountain plantation is one of the tools used to teach the children about ecosystems, bio-diversity, and preservation.

They've created bird-watching trails, coffee trails, all kinds of trails to educate the children as well as other visitors. Their hope is to prepare the children to continue their education in U.S. universities so they will return home to help improve the communities and the country as a whole.

Are you ready for the punchline?

**Queue the tissues**

We are tenaciously committed to authentic community development projects. 100% of the proceeds from our coffee sales go to supporting the sponsorship program at Doulos Discovery School.

-Chad Wallace

That's right. 100%

Many people dream about making a big difference in the world, changing lives and helping make someone's quality of life better. The Wallaces took on a mountain and changed an entire country, undeniably for the better, with their will, focus, and grit. If you are interested in furthering the Wallaces cause, you can also contribute directly with items from the teachers' classroom wish lists here. Spirit Mountain also hosts tourists and guests of all ages. If you should make it down that way, tell them we sent you.