We know you're all coffee fanatics, just like us. As such, we're confident you've not slowed your coffee consumption much, if at all. This July, we're thrilled to announce the return of our coveted Spirit Mountain Dominican Republic, BOTH offerings. Also, our butterfly of a mad scientist, Ian, will be flitting down Austin once again for the Bullock Museum Event, Cool Summer Nights 2019.

Oh, Spirit Mountain, how we have missed you! Everyone at ACR is aflutter about the new coffee Chad and his daughter, Kate, brought to us a couple of weeks back. We now have both the washed processed and a red honey process available! Dedicated to improvement and innovation, the folks at Spirit Mountain are always trying new techniques and methods. Even Chad seemed surprised at this year's yield, saying it's the "brightest" they've produced yet! I didn't think their coffee could be improved upon, frankly, but they've sure gone and done it.

These folks have a truly awesome story. Texas natives that transplanted themselves to the Dominican Republic after having discovered the devastation left by a massive storm on mission there, only to return to the area and revitalize the country with a school and a brand new approach to growing coffee. Read about their efforts here.

"Washed processed, red honey processed? What the heck is that?" you may be wondering. Follow this link down the coffee rabbit hole to one of our previous articles addressing how coffee processes affect the taste of your coffee. It may surprise you to learn how important it is.

WWI Gallery

If you didn't make it down to Austin to chat with Ian last month at the Bullock Texas State History Museum, you get another shot this month. On July 19, between 5 pm and 10 pm, he will be representing ACR, serving his specialty cold brew and some of his mad scientist sippers at the Cool Nights of Summer event.

This installment of Cool Summer Nights features WWI America exhibition, where visitors can explore how "the American experience has been impacted by inventions, technologies, and cultural movements." There will be tons there to fill your evening. Stop by and shoot the coffee breeze with Ian. He's a wealth of knowledge, that one.