There's a new addition to the ACR family!

Out of the blue, a good friend in the business contacted us a couple of months back with an offer on a roaster he no longer wished to keep. He thought well enough of our humble company to make us an offer that we couldn’t refuse. So, our very own Richard and Vincent took a trip to check it out. Not long after their arrival, they “named the puppy,” and that was that. We are ecstatic to announce the newest addition to ACR, an 18 Kilo Revelation roaster, the same super efficient design as our existing 23 Kilo Revelation roaster: Meet “Clifford.”

Revelation roasters are still some of the most environmentally conscientious and efficient roasters on the market to date. If you are unfamiliar with the Revelation roasters, why they’re so awesome and how they work, click here to learn more

As most of you know, we are adamant about the freshness of the coffee we provide. Fresh coffee is roasted for each pre-order from 7 am to 5 pm Monday - Thursday, and on Friday when needed. While we still adhere to small batch roasting whenever possible, but even during these hot summer months, we are roasting just about to capacity. Each roast takes no more than 15 minutes. If you’re doing the math, you’re right, that is A LOT of coffee. Since 2007, our annual coffee output has more than doubled. Projections indicate steady growth will continue in the coming years, making the procurement of Clifford a windfall indeed.

As you can well imagine, a roaster, being such a large and complex machine, takes a lot of care and planning to relocate. The Great Move took place in the beginning of August. Vincent made the trip to oversee the breakdown of the unit and to ensure the pieces were properly packed for transport. Our luck continued with an uneventful delivery and set up, thankfully. Currently we are just finishing up the installation process.The electricity, water, and gas has been connected. All that remains is the installation of the chimney, some final adjustments and testing, and we'll be ready to roll! We anticipate Clifford being up and running by mid to late September, just in time for the holidays. Clifford will act as backup and provide flexibility when needed so that we can continue to better serve our clients in the future.