Treat Your Dad to His Favorites!

Father's Day is June 21st this year! How are you going to let the special men in your life know that you love and appreciate them? Might we suggest a little something from your favorite neighborhood coffee experts?

Choosing the right coffee to gift can be daunting. We've come up with a few suggestions that might help you decide which coffees would best fit the special fella in your life:

Is he known for having a major case of the sweet tooth? Try one of these:

Texas Pecan,  Mexican Chocolate,  Mexican Vanilla

Either of these coffees would be a welcomed treat if he has a thing for sweets! While none of our flavored coffees actually have any sugar in them, the flavor is still prominent without over-powering the coffee bean. We've struck a balance between featuring the flavor without drowning out the richness of our Latin American blend. 

What's more, these coffees show amazingly well in any brewing method! French press, drip brew, even cold brew and espresso! Not only that, if your dad's caffeine needs have changed, ALL of our flavored coffees are available in decaf.  Just indicate such as you add it to your cart!

Is he known for liking "strong" coffee? Try one of these:

Premium Espresso,  Texas Campfire,  Nazca Blend

These are some of our all-time best selling dark blends. They aren't roasted within an inch of their lives, because we don't do that here. They are, however, roasted just enough to showcase the depth of the roast without stamping out the unique qualities of the beans. 

All three of these coffees are incredibly versatile. The boldness of the roast level allows the coffee to hold its own when you introduce milk products, so espresso drinks work beautifully with either of these. A French press method will allow the nuances of the beans to take a little more prominent a role in taste. And the cold brew method will allow the nuances to develop but with a much smoother finish. 

Is he a self-proclaimed 'coffee connoisseur'? Try one of these:

Roaster's Choice,    Guatemala Peaberry LTD,  Yemen Mocca Hawari LTD

Each of these coffees are prominent sellers in our Limited Edition series. Roaster's Choice changes monthly, but most of our other LTD coffees stick around for a few months before we're on to something else. 

These suggestions would make a tremendous cup with any brew method, but we suggest keeping it simple so all of the nuances that make these coffees special are allowed to shine. We suggest French press, if possible, but drip with a metal filter would be just fine as well.

If you think these suggestions don't quite fit your gift-giving plans, what about a coffee subscription? We can send your fella some coffee at whichever interval you'd like (every two weeks, every month) for as long as you like (6 months, a year). All we need is a little info from you to get the ball rolling, and we'll take it from there. Follow this link to learn more.

We even have some pretty swanky Baratza grinders in store as well. These burr grinders have a strong reputation as some of the best on the market! We have what Baratza would consider "entry level" grinders: Encore and Virtuoso. However, unless you're looking to open a coffee shop, these fit the needs of just about all of our customers. 

Since shipping costs are what they are these days, we don't offer these on our website. They won't quite fit in a Priority box. So, we'd prefer you give us a call to order these so we can make sure the shipping charge is as accurate as possible. 

Give us a call at 972-404-1145 for details.

We take pride in providing the lowest prices that we can, so we don't pad our product prices to include shipping. 

Fathers, grandfathers, step-dads, uncles, cousins-- whomever you celebrate this June, we have tons of options to help you make him feel loved!

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