We've Brought Back Flores!

Our coffee of the month for June is an oldie but a goody. We're bringing back Flores Bajawa!

The Indonesian island of Flores may be best known for the 2003 discovery of ancient hominid remains. Homo floresiensis, nicknamed "Flores Man" and "hobbit," stood barely over a meter tall and lived tens of thousands of years ago. These days, however, your everyday homo sapiens rule this corner of the world. Situated among the Indonesian archipelago, along with Sumatra and Bali, the island of Flores first became involved in the coffee industry when Dutch colonists introduced the plant to the island.

Due to its numerous volcanos, the loamy soil on Flores provides a rich medium for happy coffee plants. Grown at 1750 meters above sea level, our Flores Bajawa's wet-hulled processed, as is typical of the region. Because of the humid conditions in the area, this process requires more time and care to dry the coffee beans. However, it's this process that helps develop the low-acidity and fuller body that's common to Indonesian coffees. Sourced from family-owned farms along the slopes of the Inerie volcano, these families rely on organic farming methods to ensure the quality of their coffee. According to our coffee supplier, "(The) Attention to detail (given to processing this coffee) is exquisite … (with) hand sorting done three times before export." It's even Rainforest Alliance Certified!


Our Flores Bajawa is roasted to full-city medium. It's naturally low in acidity, and has a full body that would translate well in just about any brewing method you choose. You'll notice a bit of floral notes followed by a delightfully sweet finish.

If you'd like to try a cupping of this coffee, take a look at Vincent's Roaster's Choice for June. It's the same coffee, just roasted a little longer. The difference between the two might just surprise you!