In efforts to help you find more avenues to enjoy our coffee and to introduce you to some of our best wholesale clients, we'd like to continue regaling you of our wholesale clients' adventures with our series, "Where to Go to Find Our Joe." This month, we are just mad about Cakettes TX!

Conveniently located in the Historic District of downtown Dallas, this sweet little sweet shop is loaded with tasty treats! These Massachusetts transplants are really stirring up some goodness downtown. Fresh muffins and breakfast sandwiches made from scratch daily, homemade soups and toasted sandwiches for lunch, their claim to fame cakettes (about eleventy different offerings) and, of course, COFFEE! So, what is a cakette, exactly? According to Tessa Dagger, the owner of Cakettes TX, we're talking about little bite-sized confections that are a cross between a cupcake and a truffle. Each one is handmade (no automation here!) and meticulously decorated by Tessa and her crew.

It all started late in 2009. Having settled on a venue for her delectable treats, Tessa and her husband were an unexpected over-night success in their little Massachusetts town, completely selling out their first day! Over the next few years, their business blossomed into a tremendously successful part of the community. With an eye toward whimsy and variety, Tessa and her staff worked to develop an impressive array of some 30 different flavors and over 200 different themes.

Then, in 2015, on the heels of her husband's promotion and subsequent transfer to Dallas, the Dagger family decided to pass the torch on to Tessa's "right hand," Rebecca, who still runs her own location in Webster, MA. It didn't take long for Tessa to get the itch to make cakettes again, however, finding just the right location proved a bit of a challenge. After a few locations just didn't quite fit, Tessa and her husband finally discovered the perfect fit with their current location on N Saint Paul St. They opened their doors only a few weeks ago, but Tessa and her crew have been hard at work putting their experience, dedication to detail, and love of whimsy into all of the offerings at Cakettes TX.

As you can imagine, they do offer custom boxes of cakettes for every occasion: baby showers, birthdays, graduations, holidays, weddings, corporate events, Tuesday, whatever, Tessa's up for it! Their location even has a pretty flexible large room to host meetings and events, complete with projector screens and loads of seating. When asked what their goals for Cakettes TX are for 2018, Tessa says it's all about expansion. They'd like to launch their online store for online ordering, expand their gift box delivery service, flesh out their location with conveniences like leave-a-book, take-a-book shelves and expand their retail selection. Tessa's already looking to book events as well. Just between us, she seemed very excited about an upcoming event in May, Mother's Day Blooming Tea Party! I can only imagine what fun and mouthwatering delights she has in store for the moms in your life. In the meantime, Tessa has also divulged that her March flavors are to include Irish Crème, of course, and Lemon Lavender for Easter!

The possibilities are endless, but she's keen to perfect her menu to accommodate what her clientele loves best. In order to do this, she's going to need your help. Rather, she's going to need the help of your taste buds. Bring a few friends, order a hot cup of ACR's Costa Rica, or even a finely crafted latte, using ACR's Premium Espresso, grab a couple of cakettes, and let her know what you think. As always, let her know we sent you!

Cakettes TX is located at 400 North St. Paul St., Dallas, TX 75201.

Their hours are Monday through Friday 7:00-6:00, and Saturday 9:00-2:00, closed Sundays.