This December, you're going to need a pick-me-up or two to keep that holiday cheer flowing. With locations in Richardson, Southlake, and Fort Worth, we invite you to stop by your local Cinnaholic! Have some freshly brewed ACR coffee and jaw-droppingly good vegan cinnamon rolls!

For those of you who aren't vegan, these little shops may have slipped under your radar, but let me tell you, these tasty little treats will not leave you wanting... except for maybe another one! The folks at Cinnaholic Richardson and Southlake have been amazing clients of ours for years. This month, a brand new location in Fort Worth will be joining us as well.

Cinnaholic got its start in Berkley, CA in 2009. After appearing on ABC's "Shark Tank," word spread like wildfire across the country. With locations in California, Tennessee, Washington, Georgia, North Carolina, Idaho, Utah, Nevada, Maryland, Florida, Canada, and Texas (whew!), there are plenty of opportunities to try these lovely little confections. However, if you want to sip on ACR coffee with your cinnamon roll, you can visit the Richardson, Southlake, and, on Janyary 11th, the new Fort Worth location! To sweeten the deal, they are offering a grand opening special:


January 11, 2019

(Fort Worth location only)

Most folks who bake with traditional ingredients don't know what a feat it is to bake tasty versions when you have to consider dietary restrictions. Baking is a science. You get one thing "wrong," and the whole thing goes sideways. The folks at Cinnaholic have got the science to making vegan cinnamon rolls fluffy and delicious down! You won't be served a dense hockey puck. Not here. Their website boasts that their dedication to the fluffiest, freshest cinnamon rolls have them pulling a new batch out of the oven every 20 minutes!

It works like this: You sashay or saunter (feel free to silly-walk in there if you're up to it) up to the counter; tell the person there how many cinnamon rolls you'd like; choose one of 18 frosting flavors and 23 toppings, or just go plain—it's deliciously satisfying all on its own. " Frosting flavors and toppings," you might ask. Indeed! There's almond, cake batter, cream cheese, orange, peanut butter, and raspberry frostings, just to name a few. And you can top your confection with apples, caramel sauce, cookie dough, marshmallows (gelatin free), pretzels, sprinkles, or strawberries! There is really no limit to the combinations you can personalize. Don’t forget to order your Addison Coffee coffee! Just like the cinnamon rolls, they are great at making sure the coffee is as fresh as it can be.

For those of you who aren't living the vegan or vegetarian lifestyle, I challenge you to taste these rolls and tell me they don't hit the spot. Better yet, bring a batch to work with you, and see if your co-workers can tell the difference. Catering is also available for parties or meetings, but if you anticipate a large order, please contact the nearest location ahead of time so they can make sure you get the freshest rolls possible. When these little treats knock your socks off, tell the folks behind the counter we sent you! 

Locations and Hours of Operation

Visit Shellana, Melissa, and Keenan at the Fort Worth Location:

Shopping Center: Crockett Row at West 7th

Address: 817 Currie Street, Fort Worth, TX 76107

Opening: late December 2018

Hours: Sun-Thurs 7am-9pm, Fri-Sat 9am-10pm

Visit Elissa at the Southlake Location:

Shopping Center : Windham Plaza

Address: 2704 E. Southlake Blvd Ste 102 Southlake, TX 76092

(817) 749-0246

Hours: Sun-Thurs 7am-7pm, Fri-Sat 7am-9pm

Visit Elissa at the Richardson Location:

Shopping Center: Richardson Heights Shopping Center

Address: 100 S. Central Expressway Unit 15 Richardson, TX 75080

(972) 502-9263

Hours: Sun-Saturday 7am-10pm