Our newest Brazil Limited Edition coffee is currently our only "controlled fermentation" (CF) coffee on hand. This coffee comes from the Moscardini family, a renowned and innovative operation in Brazil. With naturally low acidity, our new Brazil LTD features bright pops of cherry and citrus with herbal notes and the round body that's typical of Brazil coffees. 

Apart from the basic processes (washed, honey, and natural), this controlled fermentation is different in that the coffee cherries are swept into large piles on the drying patio to begin the fermentation process. Overnight, they are covered to retain moisture. Then for the next 7 days, the pile is incrementally spread out to encourage a slow, even fermentation. This entire process is methodically tracked to ensure the right amount of humidity, temperature, and rate of fermentation is achieved.

We're sure you'll find the results tantalizing!

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