For a limited time only, we are offering a sampler of our three most popular dark roast coffees-- 

Texas CampfireCosta Rica Vienna, and Brazil Espresso!

You'll receive just over 5oz. of each coffee, which should be enough for about three 10 cup pots of coffee, assuming you use a drip coffee maker, of course. You are free to choose your preferred grind type.

Our Texas Campfire has been a run-away hit. A blend of Indonesian dry and semi-washed coffees along with a touch of vienna roast for that slightly smokey finish, this coffee is sure to make you raise your eyebrows. Our Costa Rica Vienna  is from the Tarrazu region. Rich and full bodied, "CRV," as we lovingly call it, has caramel notes and has just enough smokiness to taste, but not so much that it's overwhelming. Finally, Brazil Espresso is roasted to perfection with it's dark chocolate undertones and delicious softness. Since our espresso roast is a touch lighter than our vienna roast, Brazil Espresso has the depth of flavor without the smokiness. An absolute treat!



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