We, at ACR, care deeply about being an environmentally conscientious business. It's an issue that has made headlines quite a bit lately with cities, even whole countries, making efforts toward eliminating single-use plastics from daily transactions. Here are a few ways we incorporate a more environmentally friendly focus to our everyday operations. 

(**There may be a useful tidbit at the end....)



 Revelation Roasters

Both of our roasters, lovingly known as Patty and Clifford, are some of the cleanest and most energy efficient roasters on the market. They use an efficient catalytic converter to remove the smoke that would normally be released into the atmosphere, recycling the hot air to recapture the heat. Reducing the amount of gas used in the roasting process makes it a much more energy efficient system than most other roasters on the market. This process works due to the convection created in the process, instead of solely relying upon conduction of heat from roasting drum. The resulting roasts are more consistent and easier to control, and our neighbors don't feel compelled to call the Addison Fire Department on us by accident.


Coffee Chaff and Grinds donation—

We've recently begun a donation partnership with Pam at Farmers Branch Community Garden. All of our internally produced coffee grounds and coffee chaff (paper-like covering from coffee beans that is a natural by-product of the roasting process—not unlike that which you'll find on a peanut) are going to good use! These nitrogen rich additions to the garden make for very, very happy plants! If you're interested in coffee chaff for your garden, please let us know. We'll see what we can do for you.


Farmers Branch Community Garden, taken by Alina     


                                                 Coffee bean bags protecting shade-loving plants, taken by Alina                                                                        

Conscientious Coffee Offerings

We have been in business with our trusted green bean providers for many, many years. It is through them that we get coffees that are certified Fair Trade or certified Organic. They have connections with coffee providers that are Rainforest Alliance Certified. We've even had at biodynamically grown coffee. While not every offering ticks all the boxes for these certifications, our green bean providers know that we care deeply about farmers, and we insist our coffees are ethically sourced.


Replacing Plastic with Paper wherever we can— 

We have made some changes in our retail store. We fulfill coffee orders with biodegradable coffee bags as standard. We've eliminated plastic shopping bags, providing instead, double handled craft bags upon request.

When conducting coffee demos at Central Market and at our coffee sample station in our retail store, we provide wooden stirrers and paper cups.

Many, many times we've been asked if we sell K-cups. We do not, and we won't. To us, the environmental cost far outweighs any perceived convenience those little devils provide. *However, please note that we will absolutely grind your coffee for your re-usable K-cups, if that is your preferred method of brewing your cup.*


We need your help!


Starting Oct.1, we will be offering $0.50 discount to every retail customer who brings in their own coffee container. This discount will be independent of any promotional discounts or specialty discounts, so you'll be able to combine discounts, making this another way you can save on some of your favorite coffee!


This is a subject we all hold closely to our hearts, at ACR. We are always looking for new ways to further our efforts and to help our customers further theirs. If you have any ideas or innovations in mind to continue these efforts, please contact us, and we'll take a closer look!