For a limited time only, we are offering a sampler of our three most popular medium roast coffees-- 

Celebes SulawesiEthiopia Yirgacheffe, and Colombia!

You'll receive just over 5oz. of each coffee, which should be enough for about three 10 cup pots of coffee, assuming you use a drip coffee maker, of course. You are free to choose your preferred grind type.

Our Celebes Sulawesi, grown between 3600-4300 ft,  has a deep, full body with richness typical of Indonesian coffees. Our Ethiopia Yirgacheffe is delightfully bright with floral and citrus notes, followed by a clean finish. And finally, Colombia, a classic, is well balanced, rich, and nutty. 

We use our signature blend of Latin American beans for all of our flavored coffees. 


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