Our head roaster, Vincent, works tirelessly to bring out the best, most dynamic flavors of our coffee. He's got years of experience making sure that our standard coffees remain consistent. A balance of science and art, Vincent draws on his knowledge and intuition to pull out the best qualities in our coffees and create amazing variety that has us happily sipping all day long. It seems a shame to keep some of these delicious concoctions to ourselves any longer. 

Vincent will be experimenting with new roasts and blends, and he'll pick the most promising and interesting of those tests for this program. Every month, we'll have a new offering available.  

This month, we have:

Bali Kintamani Plus Roast


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Hang on to your socks, because this coffee may just blow them clean off your feet! Bali Kintamani Natural, normally roasted to full-city medium, has been a mainstay at Addison Coffee for years, but Vincent's been tinkering with the roast, and boy, it sure is GOOD! 

This unique Indonesian coffee is a natural (dry) process, meaning the coffee fruit is allowed to dry on the beans, imparting a surprisingly vibrant blueberry note that goes beautifully with the velvety texture and full body. As is typical of the best Indonesian coffees, this coffee is naturally very low in acidity. Vincent has chosen to go with a plus roast on this coffee because, unlike more delicate nuances found in beans like our Ethiopia Yirgacheffe, our Bali Kintamani is robust and can take the little extra roast without losing that distinctive blueberry deliciocity.

Get 'em while they're hot!


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