Our head roaster, Vincent, works tirelessly to bring out the best, most dynamic flavors of our coffee. He's got years of experience making sure that our standard coffees remain consistent. A balance of science and art, Vincent draws on his knowledge and intuition to pull out the best qualities in our coffees and create amazing variety that has us happily sipping all day long. It seems a shame to keep some of these delicious concoctions to ourselves any longer. 

Vincent will be experimenting with new roasts and blends, and he'll pick the most promising and interesting of those tests for this program. Every month, we'll have a new offering available. These offerings will truly be limited. We will roast 20 lbs. each week, but once it's gone, it's gone. You'll be able to order a fresh pound the following week. 

This month, we have:

Rwanda Murundo

valleys-and-hilltops-in-rwanda.jpgRwanda Landscape, by Charlie Hamilton James of National Geographic

This intriguing coffee comes from the Western Province of the Mahembe region, specifically the Nyamasheke District. After earning her economics master's degree in 2008,  Furaha Umwizey, a native of Rwanda, established Kivubelt Coffee Mill. Over 600 neighboring small coffee producers bring their harvests to Kivubelt each Spring for processing. Additionally, Furaha has also dedicated a large portion of Kivubelt's profits to fund healthcare for local residents.

Grown at about 1700-2000 meters above sea level, this fully washed coffee is unlike any of our other African coffees. It's not as bright as our Kenya or Ethiopian coffees, and it has a fuller body. Herbal notes gently linger on the palate. Vincent has roasted this coffee to a full-city medium. 

Get 'em while they're hot!


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