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Sumatra has very high ambient humidity. This makes drying the beans a particularly long process, as they need to be very closely monitored and rotated to prevent mold. Normally, coffee from Sumatra is wet-hulled processed. But this one.... oh, this one is a natural process! This means the coffee cherry was left to dry on the bean, imparting natural fruit tones to the coffee.

This coffee is extraordinary! If you think you've got Sumatran coffees pegged, think again. This one has the naturally low acidity and velvety finish like other Sumatras, but that's about where similarities end. It's not earthy, but lighter and brighter than you'd expect. 

Grown at 1300-1650 masl

Volcanic loam



Read more about where this coffee came from here.


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Sumatra Kerinci Kersik Natural LTD