This coffee provides a unique opportunity to peer into history. Yemen, arguably the first country to bring coffee to the rest of the world, is home to a staggering variety of indigenous coffee cultivars. Our Yemen Mocca Haimi LTD is exemplary of one of those. This offering is a dry processed coffee, allowed to dry on raised beds dotted across roof tops. This process imparts a hint of blackberry to the smooth cocoa finish, making this coffee an immediate in-house favorite. We roast Yemen Mocca Haimi to medium to preserve all the special nuances. 

As you may know, Yemen is currently embroiled in some pretty devastating conflicts these days. This has had a tremendous impact on the ability of Yemini coffee farmers to export their wares safely, and for fair return. As such, supplies are very limited. Please place your order within the next month or two, as we may not be able to get this coffee again. 

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